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Please come joins us at our new forums. We are growing and would love for you all to grow with us. Join our new forums and become part of the Mountaineer Offroad family. We have general discussion, tech, vendor, and photo sections. Feel free to jump in at anytime and become part of the fun.
Also, our main web page, MOUNTAINEEROFFROAD.COM, is changing for the better. We will soon have a completely restyled and interactive web page detailing the WV Children Charities Jambo information, club news, and trail info. This is an exciting step forward for the club and we would love for you all to visit us. The site will be in the process of switching over the next few days, so PLEASE CHECK BACK OFTEN for updates!
Mountaineer Offroad is a family oriented club who enjoys off roading and outdoor activity. We welcome any vehicle type and welcome the opinions and insight of all. We enjoy hearing from four-wheelers all over the nation and want to share our experiences with you.

Below are links to the main web page and to the updated forum page, so come on over and join the fun. And please pass this along to any other offroad enthusiasts that you may know. The more the merrier!



Please join us and remember to tell all your friends!!

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