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I hereby declare it official:

Christmas is not off-topis for the next few days.

Those lucky enough to spend time with loved ones might want to say a prayer for those who can't, especially our military.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Fill in politically correct phrase.

I don't get it, I'm agnostic, almost atheist, certainly not a Christian but I don't see a problem with Santa Claus, nativity scenes, or Christmas trees. It's tradition no matter what you may believe about it's basis.

I bought my mother the Precious Moments nativity set and all the extra pieces over the years. She is not religious either but she put the set up every year. I bought angel bears as gifts that say the children's prayer, "Now I lay me down to sleep …" I've given crucifixes as gifts to those where it was appropriate. I wrap packages in Santa and angel paper.

I don't believe the world ever flooded but I bought the Precious Moments Noah's arc set for my mother and a toy set for my granddaughter, both with all the extra animal sets.

I did pass on making myself a Taz nativity set for the office, although when I mentioned it to a few of my very devout Christian co-workers, they said it wouldn't have offended them and would probably have been appropriate for me.

As to the commercialization of Christmas, I found out how that got started too on an A&E special. It seems that the poor of New York City would get drunk on Christmas Eve and go banging on the doors of the wealth and force entry to their homes. The affluent came up with the idea of Christmas presents delivered by Santa (based on St. Nicholas) to keep them home waiting for presents rather than causing problems in the streets.

Anyway, Merry _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and/or Happy _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

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That's right, I said it. I do believe, and am a Christian, but earth would be a much more pleasant place to graze if more non-Chrstians would think like you and say, "It's tradition, live with it". Or, "Just because I'm not doesn't mean that they can't be". Or something to that effect.

Merry Christmas everybody. And as Jim said, try to remember those around us that can't be with their loved ones this year.
God bless us, everyone. (Tiny Tim)
TipToe thru the tulips. (Tiny Tim)

I used to be into Chevys. Old ones. I had a 57 station wagon, 54 pickup and a 56 Sedan Delivery. I drove that 56 across the USA three times. Twice by myself. I lived in it. I worked out of it, I loved in it. I owned a 52 Chevy Pickup for 16 years. Once I moved to Kauai. (Hawaii) 2 wheel drive didn't work anymore for me. We have miles of beach here and classic, sank like a stone. I was amazed at the abundency of Jeeps here. Not just Jeeps but the CJ's. The 7's the 5's, Scranblers, the Wranglers (even). Probaly a hold over from the second world war and relatively low speed limit. They were taking people off the solid land, almost like launching into space. Off the asphalt, onto the sand , effortless, gracefully, to surf, to camp, to get away. I sold the 52 PU. I cried, but I let it go. I bought a 86 CJ-7 and never looked back. I learned a lot from that Jeep. About driving on the sand and in the heat. About learning from other "Jeepers" and about helping people along the way. About traveling prepared,equiped and as (Jerry Jeff would say "traveling light"). As much, I learned from all of you. From your success and failiers, from your experimentation. I have grown from your knowledge and I really appreciate all of you taking the time to put it all in words, here.

I guess that's my way of saying Merry Christmas. God bless us all , and God bless our Jeeps.
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