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since I`m sure everyones heard the Atlanta porsche story, I`ll give another-not quite as good.

Years back down in Gainesville, there was a car sitting right before the state patrol station with a for sale sign on it- nice 442, new tires, nice paint. Sat there for a month or so before it dissapeared- Finally saw the story in the newspaper-

Guy had a for sale sign on it, but where the white on the sign was, and under all the options listed, he put " key is in the ashtray, its free-take it home. Bill Of sale is under the seat. Have a nice day. I`ll bet hundreds pf people drove right by it everyday- it was on 129 south-main street into downtown.

He took it home. No one bothered to stop, expecting the price to be too high, or something wrong with it.
He got lots of phone calls afterwards.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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