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Last night, I took farmjeep out and inspected a few waterways (the grass alongside them)...drove through a few drifts and checked out the new rear locker (thanks Ozark!!). In 2wd, it would idle through just about anything. It was unbelievable. 33" BFG MTs just did the trick, and at 30psi. I aired them down to 12, and WHOA...couldn't get it to spin a tire unless I did something stupid. Anyhow, I spied a beaver problem, and wanted to return with a...umm...solution to the problem, and I headed down there after work with my truck. 4x4 F-150, 32" Bridgestone Dueler APTs, rear locker as well...WOW, what a difference. It had to work in 4x4 to do what the jeep did in 2x4...and all the while driving in the jeep's tracks. What a difference light weight and knobby tires make. I was just dumbfounded.

I Jeep, therefore I am.
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