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OT: Good Day Huning

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I do not get many days in the woods. Thought the hunter's out there might enjoy this pic.. Not totaly off topic, you can see part of the CJ's hood. It also shows that a hard top hoiss has manny uses.

Makes me glad that indiana grows corn, makes for big deer. He feels pretty tough so I have allot of sausage to make.
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Nice Jeff. From the view you show I'd guess him to be 1.5 to 2.5 years old but its really too hard to tell from that photo. One thing I can tell for sure though........he looks tasty!!! I love deer sausage.

Now onto the that your CJ? I thought you got a flatty. Or is that one you're working on for someone else?
It is someone elses project, I have to put a new tub side on it before spring and new bumpers.. I have had it since our trip to attica, he is not in a hurry for it, but I am missing the dry spot to park My jeep.

As for the deer I passed him up last weekend but only saw smaller ones when I got another shot at him I took it. I am getting casings tomorow and starting on summer sausage in the next day or so. I wish I had an old fridge or real smoker, for now the oven will have to do.. I am gonna have a sore arm with all that grinding.
Nice deer Jeff.
Any idea on what it dressed out at? I even see a small woodworking project as the he has plenty of a rack to mount.

And remember, that we will need a taste test of the sausage next spring.
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Nice deer, Jeff.
Glad you got to enjoy one of your few days off.

Now get back to work, you slacker!!!!!!!!!
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Cool Jeff.
Made me miss my old yellow lab, Gator.
What did you use to make your hardtop hoist and does it work well??
Thanks fella's

Larry Hardtop hoist:

I junkyarded until i found a hand crank winch. the Gantry it's self can't be seen but it is a large T with 3 hooks hanging down from it. catches the front two corners of the top and one in the rear it is just like the 130.00 models off of 4wheel parts, but I have about 35.00 in mine most of which is cable..

It works great for a homebrew set up. Kinda expected to have problems with it, toughest part has been routing the cable..

As for the labs, for the past 4 years I had concidered them a Pain,,, but with the baby coming we concidered gettin rid of them so we would not have the extra hair and dirt in the house.. then I realized I actualy like them...
He's a dandy. Its usually a feat to get a nice one after the opening weekend of shotgun. I killed a scrubby 7 point opening saturday evening. I went straight to **** hunting because I could sleep in. Since last Sunday we have killed 9.

Where are you located, I am originally from Sullivan county.
Nice deer...

Here's the results of my Illinois bow hunt from two weeks ago. I took a chance this year and gave up my entire Montana bow (and gun season thus far) to hunt the family farm. The farm has changed a lot since I last hunted it 20 years ago. The pond has thousands of ducks and geese on it, a flock of 19 wild turkeys has taken up residence recently and deer and pheasants everywhere. I was fortunate enough to take a fine 10 point buck (154 4/8 gross, 143 1/8 net) with a bow of my own making. The crop reduction program and my brother's crop management has done wonders for wildlife (he does not hunt).

More pictures here Jeeper2 Buck

In short, my trip was all I hoped for.


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Jeeper2.....where in IL do you hunt? Just curious.
I grew up in a little town called Stillman Valley, which is about 20 miles SSW of Rockford in Ogle County.
yeah,nice deer!!! I settled for a 100 pound doe this evening cause 1st season was over in about 30 minutes, it was only the second deer I had seen in legal shooting hours all 3 days, and I won't be able to go second season...but there will be deer meat in the freezer
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Nice Deer Jeeper 2,, Keg I am in ripley county bout 3 hrs se of you
I am originally from Sullivan county which is like you said NW on the Wabash river. I currently live in Adams county which is south of FT Wayne. Adams county looks to be about dead north of you. I have had invites to go to Switzerland county to deer hunt and also to turkey hunt. I have never taken the guy up on it.

Have you ever been 4 Wheeling at the old Redbird Mine in Sullivan County near the town of Dugger? It used to be fun until the state took it over and is running it.
WOW nice deer man. Just what kind of corn do you grow in Indiana?
I just Thusday killed a 206 pound 8 point that is considered "big" here in my area. That makes mine look like a Florida Keys deer.
We do have a limit of 12 over a 4 month gun season though. Along with the bow and muzzleloader season that gives plenty of time to fill a freezer (or two) for the rest of the year and that saves on the grocery bill.
I've gone hunting almost every year since I was 16 (*now 24) and I have only seen 1 doe, which I was unable to shoot for safety reasons. Never saw anything else, ever. Either I'm the worlds worst hunter, or I'm hunting in the wrong places....

Who knows.
Location is the number one factor for success... keeping your cool is the number two factor. Good locations are VERY hard to come by and are guarded closely by those who have access to them (I was fortunate enough to have been born on the farm I was hunting). If you're not seeing deer, then you've got the wrong location.

Keeping your cool is important. You can get by with movement, even when you're in their field of view, but it has to be SLOW. Know your weapon and practice until it is second nature... sometimes they don't give you much time to think.
and i thought i was doin good with my 5 pointer jeez you guys gotta stop hunting at the game farm lol


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Keg II really recomend the trip o swizerland county. I used to hut there and saw some of the largest deer I have ever seen. Alot of non typicals. Besides if you do that you can stop in and have a beer or 5 and shoot the [bleep]. We hunt about 3 miles form dearborn and swizerland county. It is one of the last places that has not been bought up by city folks and posted.

Willis: 12 deer a year is sweet. I dont even have time to get 2. I think we can get 4 in gun season with the proper permits. Not sure about the other seasons.

Eboater Jeeper 2 is right. I have a small tract of woods I can hunt within 3 miles of home. Been out there several times but I do not even see any sign. I figure the deer that are seen there are just passing through. Where I hunt now I may see deer at any time of the day. It is a transision and bedding area course that makes it difficult to hunt (Thick) and if you spook one I often only know by following fresh tracks.

Keg if you get down this way we will have to get together.
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