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Does Anyone know what gas around the downtown Denver
and Lakewood and possibly the Westminster areas is selling
for as I will be traveling that way in mid july
Thanks for any info Bert in S.D.


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Not completely salt free, but not a lot of it either. The highway departments use gravel on the roads and there usually is a very small amount of salt mixed in. They don't use pure salt though like many midwestern states. Some areas are using a liquid de-icer they spray on before a storm comes in.

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Not much salt anymore, more of the magnesium chlorode. I don't think it rusts your car, but it sure doesn't make it easy to clean off. I have noticed that my car, not Jeep (only drive in the summer) gets very dirty when they use that stuff. It does seem to keep the roads more clear.

As of today 5/25/01 gas is anywhere from $1.69 - $1.73 for regular unleaded.


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