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...if you dont like the USA flag then get the fawk out of the country..

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That's the burning question for any Patriot. When does resistance to the status quo become unpatriotic? I'd agree that the people who participated in this crime are not Patriots, or resistors of any kind. They are criminals and thugs that better belong behind bars. But that doesn't answer the question.

As you know many of my friends, when I was younger, were German WII vets, Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, SS and Kriegsmarine. I've had many conversations with these men who were, at sometimes in their lives, facing the question that many of our fellow citizens now face. In lieu of that take a look at:

Would You have been a Nazi?

It can/does reflect on your present day situation. So I'll go forward and ask another question.

When does resistance to the established government become unpatriotic
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