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ot chevy s10 carb ideas

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i have an 84 chevy s10 with a bad carb. it is a rochester 2 barel carb on a newrer 2.8 V6. I have been told that there are no new parts to be had for these carbs. i was looking for the likes of a rebiuld kit, as it bogs down when you hit the throtle, and runs way rich all the time. So essentilay wheres the best place to get a rebuild kit for such a beasts. Oh an ive tried 3 different part places.

Im also fighting a loosing battle with a distributor that wont stay timed, and that eats moduals for lunch when ever i get stuck in a lineup and am wondering whats stoping me from findin a differnt v6 distributor and just chngeing the gear to fit.

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One idea I have would be to convert to the TBI fuel injection system used on the S10 2.8 V6 starting in 1986. It's not a simple bolt on solution, but the TBI system parts are available.

If you let me know the carburetor number of your current rochester 2 barrel verijet carburetor, I can see what if any parts are still available in the Portland Oregon area. Another idea I have would be to convert your current carburetor and distributor to a non-computer carburetor and distributor used in the 1980 Chevy Citation 2.8 V6.
There used to be a Weber conversion kit available, and Edelbrock also made a 2 piece intake that would run a small 4-bbl. I know there are replacement carbs available, I just had parts get one for a customer. Pricey, though, $500.00 US. I'd go with a Weber kit if emissions were not an issue.
I resently discoverd that your air/fuel mixture and distributer timing are computer controlled on the carburated chevy s10 and its sisters gmc s15, s15 jimmy, and chevy s10 blazer with the 2.8l V6 from the year they came out on the market late in 81 as a 82 model year till 86 when they where changed to tbi it might be the ecm under the dash on the passenger side.
I made a mistake about s-series trucks the ones that are computer controlled between 81 as a 82 model year and 85 are ONLY computer controlled in CALIFORNIA vehicles NOT the other 49 states or canada.
Thanks Jman for taking some time to clarify that. Anyway, if you still have other information regarding carburetor and carburetor linkage, feel free to post it but a new thread may do better. Thanks.
It seems to me some of those computer controlled Calif carbs had a screen/heater under the carb. Swapping carbs year to year it may have gotten lost or left off.

When they didn't work they produced the symptoms presented.
Probably a wrecking yard item.

Key On they got 12 volts, you might have to wire it in.

Those carbs really don't need a kit - carefully pull the top off without hurting the gasket - a razor blade helps preserve the gasket. Use a spray carb cleaner to unstick the gasket. Go slow. After it's off dry it on a paper towel with a flat weight on it so it won't curl.
Just clean out any water or junk you see in the carb, then blow out the jets with air.

The overheating distributor - is it one of those that needs HEAT SINK COMPOUND under it? Using the wrong stuff will not carry the heat away, it'll trap the heat in in - burning them out quickly.
The silicone stuff you use on plug wire ends is NOT the right stuff - USE HEAT SINK COMPOUND - Radio Shack has it. The kids in auto parts stores will steer you wrong.
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