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OT - BEAR Automotive test equipment - Info wanted

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Does anybody know anything about BEAR auto equipment?

The BEAR name has been around a long time. And I usually associated it with alignment stuff. But they also make SCOPES etc.
I am looking at buying a piece of BEAR test equipment and went to do some research on them. Well, their website looks like it's falling part and about 3 years out of date

Plus I searched online for a long time and can find very little about them.

Looks like a nice piece of shop equipment and the price is right, but if there is no where to get parts or service or accessories for it, it isn't a bargain at any price.

Any help, suggestions, links etc?

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What type of equipment is it? Is it the scope you were mentioning?

No, it is not a Scope it is a Battery and charging system tester. BEAR Model 42-210

Similar to a Snap-On MT3750 AVR Tester.

But looks like it does a little more and I think the price is going to be a little less.

Phone book or 800 info help -- Bear is now owned by SPX Corporation, Automotive Service equipment division.

I believe the ASED headquarters are either Kalamazoo Mich or Chicago.
They are still active in smog programs, so a call to the regulatory agency - Bereau of auto repair etc - in your state can get you their number.
Service is still available on some of their equipment, although very expensive.
I was affiliated with Allen when Bear bought them out a few years ago. I left right after because they are not customer oriented and dishonest as hell.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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