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This is just me having a rant about the prices of thigns here in Australia. The following prices should make your eyes pop out of your head. The parts are from the SJ410 xfer case which has been the topic of discussion lately. The prices are in Australian dollars.

29221-80050 high output gear $270.18, availiable x Sydney.
29121-80050 counter gear $369.94 x Brisbane.
29111-80450 input shaft &401.13 x Brisbane.

The parts come from what some people call "a company run by wankers" and they are nation wide. I rang a local junk yard who had a good set of gears and he said it shouldn't be any more than $300. *LOL*

who wants to come with me and nock some sense into the over priced aussie dealerhsips?

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I thought the auto dealerships here were expensive.You guys are really getting hosed.

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Malaysia sucks too.... imagine having to pay

US$530 for 4 pieces of Rancho shocks....
US$580 for 4 pieces of old man emu shocks
US650 for lifted spring set.....

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Sounds like opportunity for someone to start up a small down under south pacific machine shop for aftermarket stuff.


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I have been to Australia. Beautiful country and But, the prices are out there. They need someone to build a small business and help out the little guy.


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We have what's called SUZISPORT over here. they have a good name and good reputation. The only problem is that their main competitor is one company GRP Auto and they are the same price if not more expensive. There's no sort of competition like in the US.....

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TIM YOU ROCK. I fonly shipping was cheaper buddy.

It would cost a lot for someone to set up a company that could under cut these guys over here. Our laws are a lot tuffer so we couldn't import that much from you guys. The cost of CNC, lathes etc etc is phenominal..

trust me, I've looked into setting something up. but unfortuneatley I'm up for about $1million to get it going...WAY to much.

If someone in the states is looking for a reseller I'd be more than willing to operate as the middle man for you.

if you are interested send me a private msg and I'll forward my contact details to you.

'85 SuziSkip
Slowly building a beast.
"If it's too hard or you're a pussy, give me a go at it"

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Does everybody from the US realize that the money in australia isn't worth as much as the us dollar and if something over there cost them 400 it would cost the someone from the us between 200 and 300 and it is cheaper to ship to the us then in australia itself.

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Portugal Sucks too

$608 US dollar for rancho shocks
$370 for OME shocks
$1190 for ARB locker

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