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Got a question for you all. I might be coming there on business at the end of the month. Shutdown work at the LG&E plant in Ghent.

Can anyone suggest a decent place to stay? Looks like Carrollton is the closest town of decent size. Anyone know of a hotel / extended stay place with a fridge, mini stove, etc.?

Also, what's the weather like this time of year there? Excessively wet? Cold? Warm? I really have no clue living here in Utah.

Thanks guys.

this link might help. sorry i can't really help much more than that. live in the southcentral portion myself. maybe the southern indiana boys could help you. the only constant in the weather here is that it will change. this is generaly our coldest time of the year and so far we have had an extremly mild winter. sorry i couldn't be of more help. enjoy your visit
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