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I am looking to put a Dana 44 under the front of my CJ and have been talking to alot of different companys about building the axel, Hicks, Dynatrac, Tri-County, Foothills, Currie just to name a few. Has anyone delt with these or any other company that they would recommend to me. Thanks


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I can comment on Hicks. I have a Dana 44 in the rear of my 93 YJ that I got from Hicks last year. It has 4.56 gears and a Detroit locker.

(1) Best price (compared to Dynatrac and Tri-County).
(2) The workmanship of the work they did seems good.
(3) I run the 4 trails around Phoenix and the axle has worked flawlessly.

(1) Hicks said it would take 4 weeks but it took 8 weeks to build the axle.
(2) Hicks forgot to drill and tap the hole for the breather/brake line fitting..
(3) I asked Hicks to set the pinion angle at 6 degrees above stock but,
with my CV driveshaft, I had to install 6 degree shims so I think they
set the pinion angle at the stock angle.

It's that time of year when everyone's getting their rigs ready for the
Easter Jeep Safari in Moab. This means the shops are gonna start
getting really busy and it will take longer to get work done. That is
is you can't do the work yourself (like me).

I believe Dynatrac is the most expensive, but they use all new axle
housings as opposed to housings out of older vehicles with the desired

Hope this helps.


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Oops, my previous post should have said I run the 4 trails, not the 4 trails - there are definitely way more than 4 trails around Phoenix. And that's 4 on a scale of 1 to 4. (I tried to edit the post but that didn't seem to work. Hence this reply.)


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Ok, now I'm torqued! What keeps happening to my plus sign characters? If you haven't guessed by now, I've been trying to say I've used my axle from Hicks on 4-plus rated trails.


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Plus signs are used as part of the markup language they use here, so you can't just type the plus sign to get a plus... I know it's possible to get a plus sign to display, but I can't remember how to do that... &plus maybe?

I guess it's not &plus


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Try M.I.T. in El Cajon,Ca. The owner is Jeff Sugg. He does all my driveline work and the quality has been excellent.


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If you decide to do the junkyard housing, dutchman motor sports seems like a good place, nice axle, except they shaved 1" off the longer axle... hopefully they'll work with me to help this issue, I'll let ch'all know...

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