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opinion on value

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Hi everyone, My project is coming along excellent, I'll be posting more pics of my white CJ shortly. My daughters been helping me out quite a bit and has now decided she wants to build a Jeep of her own (she's 21). We came across a 1980 CJ-5, 60,000 original miles, 4 cylinder, 4 speed, rusted to heck, frame looks to be ok. The owner bought a 4wd Hardware glass body and fenders for it 3 years ago, and started taking the Jeep apart. I can't here it run, the wiring harness, etc. is labled well. He told me to make an offer, I'm thinking $1,500.. The Jeep, probably a hair less than a grand due to condition, glass body, maybe half of the new price? I'm looking for thoughts, also if anyone knows of something restorable not to terribly far from Wisconsin, please let me know. Thanks Rick
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I'd check the frame well by poking it with a screw driver. Otherwise, sounds like a reasonable purchase to me. That's going to have an SR-4 tranny, which is renouned for its weekness, but will be OK behind the 4 banger, which is a good motor for wheeling, but not so much on the highway. The 80 has the short shaft D300, which is a slight improvement on an already good unit.
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