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Opinion on CJ7 lift kits

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I need some advice on lift kits.

I saw this ad on e-bay. What do you folks think of this setup?

I just bought a '79 CJ7 with awesome 35" tires on it. I believe the lift on it is a 4" but I'm new to jeeps and things Jeepin' so not really sure.
One thing I am sure of is that it has a little bit of a driver's side sag and the left rear tire does rub when turning right and over a bump like into a gas station or driveway.
I'm not going to be doing heavy off-roading or crawling, etc. I just need it somewhat "beefy" and no tire rubs on the fiberglass body and the intent is for this CJ to be a "daily driver" so a reasonably smooth ride would be ok.
I don't want to spend (another) fortune on this Jeep as I just rebuilt the T-18 tranny and dropped a new 304 in it and would really like drive it now instead of throw money at it.
I know you, Bruce, had that "Shackle reverse" thing going but I don't know how costly or easy that is to install.

Thanks all.

I just noticed in a search that some comments have already been made on the e-bay kit I referenced. I admit those "curves" look a bit odd.
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Whohoo! Just what we need, another worthless nut from Ohio (Buckeye) lurking the board!

Welcome! to the board.

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but from the West orig

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"West"ern Ohio or "West" as in west of the Mississippi R.? If western Ohio, I'm from St. Marys, near Lima.

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