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Opinion on CJ7 lift kits

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I need some advice on lift kits.

I saw this ad on e-bay. What do you folks think of this setup?

I just bought a '79 CJ7 with awesome 35" tires on it. I believe the lift on it is a 4" but I'm new to jeeps and things Jeepin' so not really sure.
One thing I am sure of is that it has a little bit of a driver's side sag and the left rear tire does rub when turning right and over a bump like into a gas station or driveway.
I'm not going to be doing heavy off-roading or crawling, etc. I just need it somewhat "beefy" and no tire rubs on the fiberglass body and the intent is for this CJ to be a "daily driver" so a reasonably smooth ride would be ok.
I don't want to spend (another) fortune on this Jeep as I just rebuilt the T-18 tranny and dropped a new 304 in it and would really like drive it now instead of throw money at it.
I know you, Bruce, had that "Shackle reverse" thing going but I don't know how costly or easy that is to install.

Thanks all.

I just noticed in a search that some comments have already been made on the e-bay kit I referenced. I admit those "curves" look a bit odd.
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I have a few comments:

The kit you found on Ebay seems perfectly nice with some good features, but I am not familiar with the brand. For similar money you can buy a name brand such as Skyjacker, which is a good middle of the road lift. I would say ok to the Ebay one if you know someone with the kit, or if you have some personal history with this company.

If the suspension rubs now over speed bumps, might I suggest more lift or smaller tires. If you don't plan to wheel too much, even mild wheeling would cause some pretty heavy rubbing.

A shackle reversal I would suggest as a later lower priority modification, especially if you don't plan to wheel it.

Last thing: Why do you need 35" tires if you don't plan to go offroad (not a criticism, just a question)?
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