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I scored an 86 grand marquis with an EFI 5.0 that runs excellent for $650 that I plan to swap it into my 83 scrambler. I bought an engine hoist since I plan on doing more of these in the future. Anyways, it took me about 6 hours to get everything disconnected and labeled and the engine out of the car. We were running late and were in a hurry to get the thing in the garage so we pulled the hoist to the back and raised the engine as high as possible. We figured we would lower it part way into the engine bay once we got the car in place. A little background so things make sense. My driveway is on an incline that goes into the garage. The e-brake on the marquis is a vacumn release design that only releases when the car starts(but the engine is now 4 feet in the air at the end of the garage). I figured I could just overcome the e-brake by pushing it with the jeep. I pushed it about 3-4 feet and it just skidded. My garage is full of stuff and the marquis has a space that is just wide enough to fit it. With the rear wheels skidding I figured the rear wouldn't track right and would hit some of the stuff lining the marquis space. So I got out to figure out how to get the e-brake to release. I didn't want the jeep unexpectedly pop it's e-brake (been known to happen) and crash into the marquis so I rested the jeep against the rear bumper of the jeep. So with my buddy in the car we got to trying to get the e-brake to pop loose. After a minute or so I saw what looked like a vacumn device of some type and pulled on the lever. Well, needless to say that was the e-brake release mechanism and the marquis was free. Just as I was starting to wonder if it would go through the wall the jeep ran over my foot. Luckily no bones broken and hardly even a bruise. As it turns out the car coasted into the garage, propelled by the jeep which was futher up the incline, missed everything and nailed the hoist at the end of the garage taking a nice divit out of the cinderblock wall. It also broke the seals on the hydraulic ram which dropped the engine back into the car. And that's how it took me 6 hours to take it out and 3 seconds to put it back in.
The moral of the story is when you are working with heavy equipment don't rush things no matter how much of a hurry you are in. I lucked out big time. I am normally a safety freak. Luckily no real damage was done (other than 130 bones for a new hydraulic ram)

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I had a friend do that with a brand new rebuilt ford engine.. he was rolling it over to his cherry 79 3/4 ton crew cab PU and the leg of the cherry picker dropped into the floor drain and kaploowee she hit the floor None the less he stopped drinking beer.......and went to whiskey.

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oops is right! Sounds almost as bad as the time I was replace the output seal of my t-case in my YJ. The jeep was on my inclined driveway and in park, I just wanted to "hurry up and change the seal and be done". I got under the jeep, took off the bolts holding the driveshaft to the rear yoke and went to slide the shaft forward to remove the shaft. It wouldn't move, felt like it was in a bind. I had replace the u joints months earlier so I knew it wasn't rusted. So I put two hands and a little grunt on it and it came off.
Well......I didn't chalk the tires or put the e-brake on, my jeep rolled right over me down the driveway and smashed into my S-10. Thank God it only cost me some pride and 200 bucks to fix the busted headlight and grill on the S-10. At least I now know what my jeep will do in a low speed collision, bust the hell out of whatever it hits! Jeep left with one minor scratch. That was one expensive output seal!!

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My father's eyesight has been failing in recent years, but he still drives everywhere (much to my dismay). One time he backed his ranger right into mine, only broke the liscense plate bracket, but it was still the principle of the thing. So when I brought the jeep up to rebuild the engine, we parked it out side, and I jokeingly quiped "Don't back into my jeep, you won't win" We laughed, and the next day I saw this huge dent in my father's rear bumper. I looked at the jeep and the rust was re-arranged on the rear bumper alittle... I guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

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