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Well, has apparently shipped my winch. I didn't get a notice, I contacted their customer
service online and got the UPS tracking number. When I entered it at the UPS tracking site I got,
"Status: Exception" and "DESTINATION NOT CURRENTLY SERVED BY UPS". I know they service
my destination, they've had the BIG truck here twice. They left a package just last week and two weeks
ago, they left two packages, one was mine and the other belonged the next street over, so I delivered it
for them, being the nice guy that I am.

I called UPS and found that the package didn't even come form California, it was drop shipped from a
place right here in Kansas City that I pass within half a mile of every day. It must just be me, still I think
I'm going to get a winch someday though. It's actually getting kind of funny now but.with luck like this, I
think I'll stay away from our riverboat casinos for a while.


Hey CJTaz..

Carparts doesn't know what they're doing, but they get the merchandise there. I sent them a nasty e-mail after my "experience" with them, and they apologized... maybe we all should?

I know they raised their prices when the offered the 33% off coupon.. in fact, I found another 33% off in the LA Times today. 300 max... go figure... let us know when it gets there!

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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