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Well, here is my first post here but I been reading the forum for a couple years. I have a 77 CJ5 and am in the process of installing a pair of omix-ada one piece axles It has been sugested that you remove the thrust block from the differential innards. I pulled the left axle,the cover,and the cross shaft but couldn't get the block to come out. Than I noticed that the thrust block can slide into the now empty side gear. I went and got my trusty "magnet on a stick" stuck it in the axle tube and after a little fishing around got it attached to the block, pulled it right out. Saved a lot of time disassembling the diff

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Good job!!
Now you wont have to post a question asking why your axle bearings and seals keep going out.

You would be suprised how many people leave the Thrust Block in and have all sorts of trouble.
Thanks for posting that shortcut, most guys pull the entire spider gear assembly out when all that needs to come out is the cross shaft.
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