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Though I have the books for the 2004 Limited, they are not with me on this trip. Instrument lights went dark. All indicator lights work and the radio and odo dim with the multifunction (directional) switch. I don't find a listed fuse for the dash and everything else works. Anyone out there with a thought or could look up the circuit in the books? Maybe email me the pages?

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there should be two fuse boxes, one near the driver and the other in the engine. checkem both. also pull the dash out and actually look at the switch itself, it should have 8-10 wires comin off of it, check each one to make sure theyre not melted and then follow each one back from the switch as far as you can and see. of course pull the guage cluster too an check its connections. the dash should just pull right off and the guage cluster im assuming is held in my prolly 2 phillips head screws in the top of the cluster. autozone has those books with model info too. good luck
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