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On the Road again...I just can\'t wait to...

My '84 351w Bronco has sat for about two long [censored] years now. For those veterans here, ya know how I warped the aluminum heads only driving it about 50 miles since the complete engine rebuild. Well, I am getting the money together to put her back on the road. What I would like to know is...what am I up against???

This is what I have planned...
1) Resurface the heads.
2) New Battery. (Suggestions on brand/type?)
3) Alternator. (Suggestions besides replacement from Auto Zone? (heheS83)
4) C6 Tranny rebuild.
5) Gears in 9"...front's gonna have to wait.
6) Pusher fan.
7) Aluminum water pump.
8) Tranny cooler.
9) U-Joints. Death rattle. Really bad. What's the best Auto Zone alternative?

Once again, the complete engine rebuild has only 50 miles on it. What should I be ready to replace, or mess with because it's been sitting forever.

Any suggestions I will appreciate. Thanx fellas.


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Re: On the Road again...I just can\'t wait to...

i would change the oil/filter then prime the oil pump again with a drill just to make sure you dont have a dry start. also, your gas is gonna be junk so its probably worth draining and running a little bit of 93 just for ****s-n-giggles. also make sure no critters have taken up residence in your airbox or distributor cap

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Re: On the Road again...I just can\'t wait to...

I went through a similar process this spring.

In addition to the other posts, I'd suggest taking a good look at everything rubber in the front end. I had to replace most of the steering and suspension wearable parts (granted I live in Michigan where corrosion is king).

Why the tranny rebuild and gears?

I would do the least possible to get her on the road, drive it for a while and see what else shakes loose.

I've always been real happy with NAPA parts...

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Re: On the Road again...I just can\'t wait to...

Sup Fellas! 1st, thanx for the insight.

Muddy, leetle creeters...haha, ****in gremlins. Didn't think about that.

Burnt, moochas on the insight.

Vittles, my steering is crap anyway. Esp with the big [censored] tires. Makes driving drunk by cops even harder cuz they look for weaving and weaving is synonomous with driving in the Bronc. So, I'm thinking about putting a crossover steering setup when I go w/ a straight axle. Anyone have any experience with this? (Esp. BurntBronco)

The tranny finally died after about a year of driving because of the 39" tire size, and the 3.50's in the rear. So, this next time when I rebuild the tranny I will put in some taller gears, and also a tranny cooler so it won't run so hot.

Oh, any suggestions on the U-Joint? I know that's one of the main causes of the death rattle. I'd like to buy one that's built to handle the abuse of bigger tires and sharper angle of the driveshaft due to the lift.

Thanks again, guys. Let me know if you have any other suggestions besides what's been noted.
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