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On board Air

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I am wanting to add on board air to my Jeep. I have an 88YJ w/CJ front clip and have swapped in a 4.0 from a 92 YJ.
Most on board systems are either a York compressor with modifications (lots of write ups on this), an electrical setup (Quick Air or ARB). Some people say that the electric system are kinda inadequate for running any air tools and slow for airing up. The York on the other hand puts out plenty of air.

What about using a stock a/c compressor from a 4.0 YJ or Cherokee?
Will it put out more air than the electric models and how does it compare with the output of the York?

I plan on using an air tank in conjunction with the compressor.


Cutch 88YJ
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If you want to use air tools the A/C compressor is the only way to go. None of the electric units puts out enough volume. I don't use
air tools so I have a Quick-Air 2. It takes me 8 to 10 minutes to inflate 4 32X11.50-15 BFG MT's from 12psi to 27psi. That's except-
able for me.

I have a York compressor from a ford on my 71 and it takes me 1 1/2 minutes each to air up 33-12.5's from 14 to 32 pounds. I also have a 5 gallon tank mounted in the back for air tools. Some Yorks have a longer piston than others for better air. Mine was the middle of the 3 different ones.

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