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Hey Guys,
Well after only 4 months on the jeep, my new OME springs have sagged!!! Am I a little pissed? Yea, I guess you could say that! After spending about $1100 when it was all said & done, I really didnt think I was going to have a problem with buying "the best"! Now its only the front springs, and the pass side is the worst. The front drivers side is about 1" lower than the rear, I can live with that. But the pass side front is a good 1 1/2" lower than the drivers side front!!! I would say I am back to stock height on the pass front! I can just about fit my closed fist between the fender and the 31" tire on the pass front! Yea it sucks but the prob is now fixed! I talked to the company that sold me the OME kit and they said they would replace the front springs. Instead of just swaping springs,I offered to "try out" the OME rear springs on the front of my jeep. They agreed, and charged me about $50. for the swap(the rear springs were more $$$ they said).I was not happy about the extra charge, but was willing to work with it. I slapped the new rear springs on the front of the jeep, after turning the degree shims around, to point the pinion down a little bit. The u-bolts were a little short due to the extra leaf and the degree shim but it worked out OK.I am happy to report that the jeep now sits level again! The driveline vibration I had is now gone, because of the degree shim,(thick end towards the front of the jeep). The jeep handles MUCH better ....more responsive, much like a sports car. I really cant notice a difference in ride quality at all! It rides better than stock, just like the original OME kit did. I just hope it articulates as well! Time will tell. I would recommend that if anyone is considering the OME lift kit, to get all four rear springs and just let them keep the front springs, as they WILL sag! it is well worth the extra $50. Anyone who has the OME kit should try to swap out the front springs before you have probs! The company I bought my kit from said they were having "some" probs with the OME front springs. Well I guess thats about it. All & all I guess I am happy now......just didnt expect this from such a high quality company, and for so much $$$$.....ouch.


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Here in Norway, the company seling OME springs, says (at least on a CJ7), to *only* use OME rear springs.....
We are installing this on a friend of mine's '86 CJ7, We'll see in a couple of weeks...
He choose the "heavy duty" spring, which feels far softer than my 4" ProComp springs......


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This is great news for me, since I've got a 2" shackle reversal for the front and bought 2.5" OME springs to level it off. Now when I save up enough for that 1/4 elliptical rear, I can just stick those rear springs on the front, on top of the axle /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif
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