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OME Add a leaf

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I talked to the guys at OME and they now have an add a leaf for their kit. This should make the lift about 4in. If I do that will I need to go to a CV driveshaft? I already have the SYE in place. I have also heard that some people will run the back springs on the front due to extra weight (winch, bigger engine, etc.) has anyone done anything like that.


BTW they are also coming out with a long travel shock.

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At 4" of lift, soft springs and the inquirey of long travel shocks, It sounds like your building towards a good articulating ride with probably 33"-35" tires. With that in mind, I would suggest a CV Joint but you dont have to go to one. you will however probably need to lengthen your shaft so you dont slip out of the spline when fully flexed. How long is that long travel shock they are making? Ill tell you what though, I really like those 33" Rancho 9000s with 14" of travel, the adjustability is what makes them stand out above all others.But you really have to modify the shock mounts to get that much travel.(look at the attachment picture,looking back towards the rear shocks on my 89 YJ).
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I had A prob. with my front OME springs sagging. Just swapped them out for Rear springs in the front. I like it. Jeep sits level now, seems to handle better and didnt really affect the ride quality at all that I can notice. I would sugg. if you are getting the OME lift kit, to just run rear springs all around in the first place. I have heard of a few probs with OME front springs sagging. The guys at the 4wd shop I deal with (OK4WD in N.J.) all run rear OME springs all around and 1 of the guys has the OME add a leafs on his too. He said it makes it ride a little rougher and gave him about 3/4 to 1" of lift. OME is just using the 1 longest leaf (without the spring eyes) for the add a leaf. They cost about $50. per spring for the leaf. I may try em out in the near future. I will let you know how they are if I put them on.

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