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The site is:

I only have a 15-20 threads indexed at this time, however, I plan to do a few a day so it should improve. The site is set up so that anyone can add a thread or a link to another site. If you want to add a thread/link and there is not a category for the site you can easily an another. Try to make the categories more general and get more specific on the subcategory. Let me know if you have any questions.

Oh yeah, to index a thread you need to know:
1. The thread number--this can be found in the address portion of your web browser (the place you type in Look for the part that looks like "Number=25786". Your thread number for that thread is 25786
2. What you want to categorize it as (i.e. Towing)
3. What you want to subcategorize it as (i.e. Towing with a CJ8)
4. The title of the thread--It would probably be better to create a title for the thread rather than using the title the original post was made under since the threads kind of do their own thing.

Again, any questions let me know

83 CJ-8
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