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Hey Steve; saw the ole 720! Well Green made it to the rubicon. But it wasn't kind...Blew the motor the first day! What a bummer.
took quite a while to retrieve it. Then had to wait for the old trailer to come from Elko. Got her home, found the #3 rod bearing cap had broken
right in the middle. First time I had ever seen one break that way. Thought I got off cheap, but after installing a new bearing cap
and bearing the ole girl seized up. So it would appear that the con rod is bent. So tomarrow I pull the motor and will repair it. But when it was runniong
it performed very very well on that old Rubicon. Gotta get it ready to go to the HUMP & BUMP in Vegas the first of november. Well just thought I'd answer you on the new forum.
Mike Elko, Nevada

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