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Old Man and the Jeeps(ter)

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I hope no one takes offense at this post, but I just wanted to share it with everyone here.

Unfortunately, a couple of the members here lost they're dads recently, and since then I've been trying harder to make the time to spend with my dad more.

I learned how to drive Jeeps, sitting in his lap when I was very small. Then, when I was old enough to reach the pedals, we would go off road somewhere, and he would put the old Jeep in low 4 wheel drive, and let me drive by myself.

Sometimes we'd just go riding through old logging roads, or to some hideaway fishing hole. Then some weekends we go camping in some very remote area, with some of his other Jeeping friends.

I could go on, and on, about Jeep stories from the past, with my dad.

Recently, I ve been in the process of changing the timing gear, and chain in the old Jeepster. I was in bad need of finding the slotted washer, and bolt, that keeps the cam sprocket on. I had searched seemingly everywhere!

Went to visited my dad, to see if he had any ideas, where I could find one, or maybe just make one. He looked at me, and said, It seems like I have one of them somewhere. Let me remind you, my dad is 74 years old, and I really didn't know whether to believe him or not.

We went down to his tool shed, and sure enough laying right out in the open, was exactly what I'd been looking everywhere for, I couldn't believe it!

So I just what to say this one's on me, Dad!
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I don't think anyone could take offence at that story. Made me think of my dad. He passed away 10 years ago and then when my mom passed away, being the only boy in the family I got his tools and and all the tobacco tins he had accumulated over the years full of nuts, bolts, you name it,it's probably in one of them. Any time I'm looking for something I can't possibly find anywhere else out come those old tins and that's usually where I find it. Your dad sounds like one heck of a guy,. Treasure those things and pass them on.
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Same here, lost my dad in oct 91',first thing I learned to drive was a ford 8n then moved up to our jeepster with a boat cushion under my butt (I was 11). Mom still drives it
and she just has your father beat in years she was born in 28'.

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My mom just died 11/13. She financed my first jeep project ( a '45 2a with a 225 swapped in)when I was 17. She was always really supportive. Man, do I miss her.
I was putting some of my dad's tools into my tool box the other night...remembered some he had when I was a kid...and some I had given him. Lots of good memories, but it sure was hard a few times....
It's funny how these topics come up.
Last weekend I was finishing up a huge project at my dad's house. We did power disk brakes on his '65 chevelle, and finally went for a ride.

It's been 2 years since I started (my dad, brother, and myself all moved. had to replace all the hard brake lines ect it's a long story)
Anyhow, after cleaning up his garage, I took all the coffee cans full of parts home. I found some jeep gears (they look like input gears for a dana 18, he sold the old cj5 like 10 years ago) and locking hub parts so I can have backup parts now.
Along with VW and Toyota cruser parts from several years ago.
That reminds me, I should call him.
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