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Ok, getting ahead of myself.. but..

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What am I forgetting..
I picked up a D300 about a month ago and have been wanting to put it in my YJ.

There's a D44 for sale in our club.. and depending if the price is right.. I'd be up for a purchase..

So here's what I've got so far.

D300.. its good.. but needs shifters.

D44.. has 4.10s to match my rear.

So if I drop this behind my AX15.
It bolts up, and I need new driveshafts.
Then I drop in the front 44, and I will prolly need bolt pattern adapters, and driveshaft.

Exhaust needs re-routing.. A friend says straight back off the 4.2L manifold and keep it high, dump it behind the t-case output shaft.

I'd spring over the front at the same time.. (to match the rear.. get rid of the add-aleaf and hokey lift I've got there now.

Um.. so that involves a drop pitman arm to get rid of the bent draglink.. and new spring perches and u-bolts..
new spring plates too prolly right?

Anyone see any glaring problems? This is all dependant on the cost of the front 44. but it'd be cool to finally have manual hubs and... well.. all the other cool stuff.. like no slipyolk.
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Talk to Jammy he put one in his jeep. You sound like your in about the same frame of mind i was in when i started my axle swap and it was a long and drawn out swap because i wasn't ready for it at all. I'd plan on getting a set of flat top knuckles and going with high steer. You will probably need a new skid plate, spring plates, drill out the brake lines to fit, definetally exhaust, plan on cleaning and painting and axle and t-case, new brakes, seals, all kinds of little stuff you never expect to have to do. Have cash set aside for unexpected expenses, stuff adds up real quick.

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