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Just purchased a 2000 Blaster and Badger for the kids. What type of 2 cycle oils are readily available (for the Blaster) that I can purchase?
The manuals also state to use a 10W30 oil that does not contain anti-friction modifiers for the engine on the Badger and the tranny on the Blaster. Does anyone know of some oils that I can easily purchase (not have to search everywhere for)?
Also a SAE80API "GL-4" Hypoid Gear Oil for the badger.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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hey dude i would say the kids r very happy with u now lol anyway i use castrol oil in the tranny in my quad i run a 10-30 in the cooler months and run 20-50 in the summer it is thick but i doesn't burn the oil as fast compared to 10-30 and takes a little longer to heat the engine up now the blaster has a manual clutch so do not run any sort of synthetic as it slips the clutch (too slck)
just run oil based oils now for 2 stroke mix any kind will do but with the blaster it has the injection system run one kind and stay with that kind i have heard that changing mixes can screw up the injection system as it could clogged the system and burn the motar as the properties of each oil r different mixing them up is not a good practice to do .. if u consider to run a castor based oil make sure it can handle climate changes as castor is known to seperate from the gas at cooler temperatures a good cheap 2stroke mix is made by esso it is low smoke and it has been tested to be exactly the same as yama R blend oil .but make sure that the oil preference is not outboard as it has a cooler operating range and can cook a two stroke engine

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Just a note on the might have been a typo, but the blaster clutch is manual, and is a dry clutch and uses no oil, therefore wont slip with synthetic oil. He may have been refering to the badgers clutch. I have a 99 Wolverine and run Mobil 1 synthetic motorcycle oil and the wet clutch doesnt slip. Runs cooler also. Only thing is it costs about $8.00 a quart.

Boomer 99 Wolverine
For the crankcase, oil made for motorcycles has higher shear strength and makes for smoother shifts and less wear than the regular stuff. Stay away from real slippery stuff for the Blaster, though. The Blaster clutch is wet. W-E-T. I tried synthetic in my Banshee and the clutch slipped. As far as 2-stroke, stick with one brand of TCW-3 rated injection oil for the blaster.
Best bet, get the stuff your dealer reccommends. You've just spent thousands for hardware, a couple of extra bucks won't even be noticed. And you know where to get that.

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