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hey guys,

I had to prime my motor yesterday and used a drill and a homemade tool. I was wondering if there is a tool out there for sale already or what? My step dad and I were joking about selling the homemade Is there such tool already? Thanks.

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/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif All of us grizzled old mechanics from way back have a place where we keep the pieces of shaft flattened and ground for that purpose; the distributor shaft segments; the Chrysler oil pump drive gears with the teeth ground off; the external oil pumps with the gears ground down; the old screwdriver shanks; and the sixty-seven other arrangements that we have made to prime and oil up engines now in the Valhalla of Motordom. Like the plastic transmission aligning tools now found on the Help! rack at the auto parts, modern merchandising has made it possible to buy, rather than innovate. Aren't you taking away some of the joy when you do that? The plastic alignment tool is much less meaningful than the '48 Dodge transmision input shaft that came out of my uncle's blown tranny; and that I used to hang the clutch on the back of the first double-rocker Chrysler that I ever built? Am I using that stuff to stay "connected" to the past, or is it just my stubborn refusal to let someone do "my" work for me? We always considered it part of the game to make the little "trick" fixtures that we needed to work on stuff./wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif

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