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Oil Leak - NOT the valve cover

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So here's the deal. Not too long ago I fixed the leaky vavle cover on my 258 using Permatex copper. Worked great and still doesn't leak! Now, however, I seem to have developed another leak that is far worse. I thought it might be the rear main seal, but today as I stared at the puddle of oil I noticed that there was a trail of oil leaking down one side of the motor mount on the passenger side. So up does the hood an in I peers. It looks to me like it might be coming from the distributor. Not too long ago, just before the smog check, I replace the PCV valve and the rubber grommet. Seals great now. I just checked the PCV and it still rattles. Now it never leaked from the distributor before, but would excess crankcase pressure be causing this. What would happen if I removed the PCV?
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1. Could it be coming from the Oil Pressure sender assembly?
2. If it's coming out the distributor,
3. Then somethings over pressurizing the crankcase,
4. It's time to check the blow-by,
5. With a compression check,
6. Dry then wet...
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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