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probably is a blowby issue, but ill tell my little tale anyway...

had an '76 chevelle ss w/a '74 350 while in college, ran great for a year after i put it together, the one day driving down main st. keene, proceeded to lay out a smokescreen that gen. patton would've been proud of...freaked me right out, thought i blew it up or sum such...nothing obvious under the hood, and restarted fine...?????? it home the next w/e and my bro said "lets look under the valve covers"...sure enough, i had a stuck lifter that, unfortunately, would pump a little squirt of oil DIRECTLY into the pcv valve on every stroke till it loosened back up!!

i liked that car too, but its usefull life was over within a month (i couldnt afford the oil!/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif), sold it to a buddy for parts and moved on

your problem is more than likely just blowby, but figured id relay this tidbit to ya, mine burned the oil off just cause of the position of the stuck lifter, one valve either way and it may have just puked out through another spot

good luck
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