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Every time I change the oil I always seem to dump a bunch of the oil in the filter onto the starter of whatever is under it. It then runs down to the oil pan and drips all over the ground. I'm less worried about the ground than I am about my starter. Is there any way to get at it thru the wheel well? or is there some sort of sheild I can put in that will keep the oil away from the starter? Something short of a filter relocater would be nice.

Thanks in advance,

Brian Oberle
95 Pathfinder XE

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I go through the Passenger side wheel well and still manage to dump a 1/4 cup on the starter.
The only way I have found to do it cleanly is to change the oil after the car has sat over night and all ( well at least most)
the oil has drained out of the filter. Then I could do it wearing a suit.

As far as the starter is concerned I don't think it minds in the least. Mine seems to have been covered in oil since the first oil change eleven years ago. Still works great.

Hope this helps.


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This is just a suggestion. Try a filter that has an anti-drainback feature. Not only is this better for your engine by keeping your truck lubricated upon start up, but it also keeps the oil in the filter when you remove it. Oil will still drible out a little, but no where near what you're experiencing I suspect. I use the K&N filter. There are others out there that have this feature too. Anyway good luck.

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