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Latest WOHVA Press Release


Countless families and businesses from across Washington are converging on the Capitol Building in Olympia for a public awareness rally on Friday, March 9th, 2007 at 12:00 noon. All forms of Off Highway Vehicle recreation will be represented; Four Wheel Drive, ATV, Motorcycle & Rally Cars.

Why is a public awareness rally needed now?

• Demand is growing fast! Sales of Off Road Vehicles continue to increase significantly, every year.
• Opportunity is shrinking! OHV lands have been closed. Other groups who have both far greater directed funding and a stated Anti Off-Highway Vehicle agenda have raided the current funding source. Legislation is continually introduced that intends to curtail this valid recreational activity.
• Hundreds of thousands of Off Road Vehicle recreation enthusiasts are not being served appropriately! This is a family oriented activity, enjoyed by persons from all walks of life and professions. Hundreds of clubs bring families and enthusiasts together in positive, contributing scenarios.
• Billions of dollars of Washington's economy are at stake! Off Highway Vehicle enthusiasts not only purchase their vehicles, they buy RV's to camp in, trailers to tow their vehicles, aftermarket equipment, clothing, etc. Further, they bring vital economic input to the small communities adjacent to recreation opportunities.
• Tax dollars are being Mis-Appropriated! Funds designated for Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation are being stolen. Come to the rally and find out more…
• Anti-OHV/Anti Access Bills are being considered in the Legislature. Some of these bills would prevent an OHV from being operated on private property

Contact: Tom [email protected] 360-870-6889 or Barb [email protected] 360-570-2201

Rally is sponsored by the Washington Off-Highway Vehicle Alliance "WOHVA". WOHVA represents over one-quarter million Off-Highway vehicle users in Washington State. For more information on WOHVA go to .
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