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Oh no...not another project...v8 into YJ questions

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Well I've really done it now, my White CJ is nearing completion and I've been keeping one eye open for another project, this time for my daughter.. she wants her own Jeep and has been working hard toward it so.. here is what we have....

1987 Wrangler, clean frame, descent body, 258 with a TF999 and NP231. The main issue I have is the 4.2 is junk, block and all. I happen to have access to a nice little 304. What does it take to put a 304 in a YJ? I've been looking and the only V8 motor mounts I can find are for GM and Ford engine conversions. Can I buy CJ motor mounts for the V8 and use them on the YJ frame? Also, will either in frame or fenderwell headers work with the YJ frame. I took a good look at it and feel this will work, just looking for another opinion and if anyone has done this on the board. Thanks for the help! Rick
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Advanced adapter makes them, I just did this to mine. They are weld in and work out great. They were like $140
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