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I just swaped out my original steering column in my 73 cj, i put a 83 firebird column in with the intentions of using the hi/lo beam switch and the blinker switch.I have been ohming out all the wires at the bottom of the column and can't seem to get any good combinations.Would like a schematic but i can't seem to locate one. Any suggestion please! I went through all of this just for tilt wheel!!!
Thanks, Mike


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It's not much help, but Painless (Painful?) Wiring sells a connector for GM columns which comes with the wires labeled for their locations. I think it it pretty inexpensive too. I plan on buying it when I swap columns in my '75. Speaking of that, what type of bracket did you fabricate or purchase to attach the upper column mount to the dash? I have been trying to locate something in the aftermarket to help me, but haven't pursued it very hard. If you have any info, it would be greatley appreciated!!


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You're in luck! I got a TPI engine from an '89 Firebird and I bought three manuals to go with them and
they happen to go back to '82.

This information is from the Haynes, my good set of diagrams is at the office where I am drawing the
schematic for the tuned port.

Dimmer switch - looks like 4 pos connector with only 3 used
yel - from headlight switch feed
tan - low beam
lt grn - high beam

Flashers, turn signals, horn and key in common 11 pos connector with 10 pos used.
blk white from collumn not used

blk - horn relay

Turn signal
ppl - from signal flasher
brn - from hazard flasher
dk blu - right turn signal
lt blu - left turn signal
dk grn - unused?
yel - unused?

Key in ignition
tan - door jam sw
lt grn - buzzer

yel - start sol
ppl - ign 1
brn - acc
red - bat 2
red - bat 3
brn/wht - ign 3
org - ign 3 (same as above)
dk grn - grd 1
tan/ wht - grd 2


Start grd 1, grd2, grounded
ign 1, bat 1, sol connected

Run ign 1, bat 1, acc, bat 2, bat 3, ign 3 connected

Acc acc, bat 2 connected

Note: bat 1, bat 2, bat 3 common

I'm a degreed electrical engineer, and I still didn't see where the turn signal interupts the stop light
circuit in the diagram. It was a little hard to follow at times the way it's layed out. I wish I'd had the
better book here.

Whew, this was a lot of work on my part to provide this so in turn I expect you to let us know how it
worked out. I'm thinking of doing the same thing.


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Hey Taz thanks for the input,i'll be trying to figure it out in the morning and i'll feed back the results
Thanks Mike

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