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How can we get the wheels/tires on a '81 CJ7 to stick out more, without putting in a lift?
Would a 15X8 wheel with 3.25 backspacing, -18MM offset work? Or is there a better suggestion? Right now it has the stock wheels, and 30x9.5 tires.
I really appreciate your help!


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Why do you want your tires to stick out more? With larger tires it is necessary in order to maintain clearances and that sort of thing. The problem is, it puts a lot more stress on your axle components. If there is no need to do it to keep spring clearances and that sort of thing, why stick them out further. If you are really set on doing it, less backspacing will work, or you could use wheel spacers.

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Go find a set of fullsize axles and put em under there!!!POOF!!! DONE!!!

It's as close to a 1ton as it can get and still be a jeep!!! Gotta love it!!

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Really, wider axles would be the way to go. Axles from 82 CJ and up would be a bolt in for you and gain you a couple of inches on each side. You could do it with wheel spacers, or buying wheels with a different offset, but that puts a lot more stress on the bearings. Changing to a 15 x 10 wheel with the same backspacing you have now would gain you a little and not add to the stress on the bearings.

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