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I was wondering if I should get offset rims or spacer to help with my turning radius. I have the narrow track axles on my CJ-7 and I would like a little bit more "stability" so to speak. I was told that highly offset rims are tough on the front end and will cause a lot of bad things to be trasfered into the steering, like wandering and such. I was wondering if wheel spacers would have the same bad affects on the vehicle. I was also wondering if the mechanic that told me of all the problems was full of it. Any response will be appreciated.

Lee R. Byrd

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I am running a spacers in the rear on my 83 CJ7 with 75 narrow track axles.

Spacers will increase the static load on the wheel bearing, causing more heat and eventually excellerated wear. How much? I don't know... Would it affect steering, I can't answer that one, though there is a well known angle associated with the steering geometry and using spacers in the front would seem to have to have an effect on it. (I can't recall the angle right now)

The spacer will have a similar effect as would a custom back spacing...on the wheel...

That being said, spacers are relatively inexpensive...and might be OK for short term'll only know by using them. Generally, I don't think they are looked at as a good solution long term.


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