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I agree I love off roading and camping with new RV. I just recently purchased my RV insurance so I want to head out this weekend. Any suggestions on specific hot off roading spots in CA?

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California offroad camping spots

In general, you can camp anywhere in a national forest if you camp smart. Pack it out, no fires, etc. So, in a national forest, if you find a road that looks interesting, let someone know where you are going, and take it! When you're ready, find a spot and spend the night. In state and national parks, ask at the entrance or visitor's center about offroad travel and camping. Honor the rules and explore. Take extreme care about fire in Tahoe National Forest, but that's one of my favorites. Northern California coast is my next destination. Mono Lake wilderness area. At the Golden Gate NRA, the campground at the coast was full, so I picked an inland walk-in site, and I was the only one there. Wonderful experience! Walker Pass campground along the Pacific Crest Trail and SR 178. Mojave National Preserve (you did say HOT). For a clue, explore anything that's colored green on a California map! This is an incredible state!

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Off-Road Folding Camping Trailers & Tear Drops

This is a selection of towable trailers designed with off-roading in mind.

Quantum Leap QL-78 ASV

QL-78 ASV with tent deployed:

Little Guy Rough Rider Tear Drop

The Jeep Extreme Trail Edition

The Coleman Switchback

Sylvan Sport Go

Scarab RV SQ2

I have produced articles on a number of these rigs to-date. You can find my RVing column at

Feel free to contact me via this forum if you have specific questions on these rigs. If you have products you think I should review please let me know!

Here are a few more additions to this list:

The Conqueror UEV 490

The Campa ATT with Maggiolina Airtop tent.

Taken from my article/slideshow of the World's best ultralight camping trailers:

Not sure if the Sealander Schwimm Caravan qualifies as off-road :)
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