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Offenhauser 4bbl intake

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A long time ago, I gave a friend of mine an offenhauser 4bbl intake for a 6cyl. At the time I thought it was for a Chevy 6cyl. I think he still has it, but now that I think about it, it might be for a Jeep 258. How can you tell without taking off the original manifold? If it is, and if I get it back (only if he is not using it of course, I'm not an Indian giver), what would be the best carb for it? Any special mods?

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i have run a lot of different carbs on that intake and here is what i found
carter 600,mechanical secondaries....ran good for years till it caught fire and i had to use my fire extinguisher...but it good power/bad economy
holley 390, vacume secondaries...not as much power as the 600 carter, but MUCH improved milage i found
holley 500 2bbl(with an adapter) this was by far the best power i found..throttle responce was terrific and milage was pretty good.. i sold the 258 last year and a friend still runs this set up on it.,...
i also had a mallory dual point distributer, accel super coil, and the motor was .030 over
hope this helps

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