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OFF TOPIC: The Green Genocide Agenda: Saving the Earth by Killing Humans

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This is one absolutely friggin incredible piece, a must read, by Alan Caruba of the National Anxiety Center.

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No doubt, through greed, stupidity, and incompromise, and most likely in the name of some riteouse cause or another, we will inevitably destroy our entire species. It will culminate from our inability to take resposibility for the cause and affect of our actions. With our future leaders(from all parties) being chosen by how well they play to the cameras. With our choice of candidates limited to only those men so bland and mindless, that thier political impotence alone is the only viable defense of the relentless scrutiny of an out of controll media, we can safely say that our governments will be incapable of boldly leading us into a brave new world. The void created by this lack of leadership will inevitably be filled by omnipotent zealots, with religouse, commercial and other wise self serving agendas, with armies of unquestioning faithful willing to follow any resemblence of leadership. The battles will be fought with the same riteouse devotion entitled to the Crusaders, the Conquistadors and American settlers of Manifest Destiny... only this time the weaponry will be nuclear. Unless survival of the fittest quickly takes hold at that point, disease, starvation, pestolence, should finish off the rest. In any case the planet will still orbit the sun, allowing new life to take hold where it can, and very little will have really changed in the long history, of an ever evolving planet. Mankind on the other hand would be in pretty good company, if they were to be mentioned in the same breath as the Dinosaur by future inhabitants.

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