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OFF TOPIC: The Green Genocide Agenda: Saving the Earth by Killing Humans

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This is one absolutely friggin incredible piece, a must read, by Alan Caruba of the National Anxiety Center.

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What's wrong with killing humans?

With Indiscriminate Breeding, the human race is no longer progressing physically or mentally.

With no Natural Process Of Selection, the human race is allowing it's sick, weak, and mentally deficient to breed at a rate of six to one.

The general Physical condition is degrading.
The general Mental condition is degrading.

With no natural process of selection, the human race is an evolutionary dead end.

The only problem I have with that is we will kill this beautiful and unique planet before we burn out our miserable existence...

I feel great sorrow for the constantly evolving species that will never get their chance to rise to prominence on this rock because of us.

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It was a HER on the jet ski.

The only contribution she will make to the planet is if when she dies, they slice her thin and use her for fertilizer.
I'm sure shes one of those self important types that want to be cremated,
(creating green house gasses, of course...)
and have her ashes spread on the whale breeding grounds...
(spread by a boat spewing pollution and with a boat load of 'mourners' creating raw sewage being dumped into the ocean...)

Incase anyone is interested, The Onion had the email address of the chapter of the militant green organization she belonged to...
When I tried to email them, it said the server was overloaded... but you can try anyway...

"I Have The Body Of A God... Buddha"
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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