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Re: Off topic \"Gun Control\"

Look at all those misguided gullible people who bought into the government and media lies about guns. 62% of people who responded (approx. 2029 people) said they wanted stricter gun laws. What they don't realize is that the kid that did that school shooting already broke the law (isn't there an underage law thing too, where you can't have a handgun if you're under a certain age? I'd say 6 years old is a bit under age). I've been hearing that they want "gun free buffer zones" within a certain distance of schools. It's already illegal here in MI to have a gun on school property so what would that have added in protection? Trigger locks or safes are a very good idea if there are young people around or other people who might want to use your gun. But it shouldn't be mandatory if you carry one around (I still maintain that concealed carry should be legal for anyone who doesn't have a criminal record). What are you going to tell the burglar, if you have one? "Hang on a second so I can unlock my weapon so I can shoot you as you're attacking me"??? My version of gun control is keep both hands on the gun... /wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif How much do you want to bet that if the kid had been killed in a car accident nothing would have been said about it? How about another weapon other than a gun? A knife for example if used to kill that girl, would have gotten virtually no attention. Guns are the chosen target of the media now, so that they can have an easier time eliminating public ownership...


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