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Re: Off topic \"Gun Control\"


Hell of a piece man, well put, and a nice knowledge of the Consitiution. We had it driven home in school as well.

There is only 1 shooting case I can think of where a guy obtained his gun legally, the rest were illegal. What does that tell you? That if you outlaw guns, this will not stop, only the outlaws will have guns. Like you've never heard that one. I saw the NRA piece on TV as well, real awakening. Up here in Maine everyone has a gun, hell, we used to bring them to school for show and tell (no joke). We'd check them at the front office and check them out for the class, then return them when done. At the end of the day we'd get them on the way to the bus. I won't say what school but it was under 20 years ago. Now a guy in the same school (with the same principal and superintendent) has been expelled FOR LIFE for having a paint gun in his car on school grounds. He was appealing when we left, so I haven't heard the outcome.

I am a State Safety Instructor for firearms, archery, and ATV's, and guess which one has more injuries and fatalities? Yep, the ATV's. How about automobiles? The reason we don't hear about them is they have become so commonplace.

Gun locks are not the answer. The trigger guard ones can easily be removed by sawing off the guard, and the barrel type can be removed by cutting the cable. Both are easy methods to getting the guns to function. Storage lockers? Yep, they're functional and work as a deterrent. An even more effective deterrent is teaching proper handling and being a good parent. Put the combination together and it's unbeatable. Should anything be mandatory? No, it's pointless. There are enough laws on the books now, if they were just enforced properly the "problem" would be reduced significantly (there is no "zero" in the statistics world, right CJDave?)

I won't give up my guns, if that means one more "criminal" in the world, so be it.

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