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I think it was a 49 50 mercery. Heck can not even spell it. With the roof chopped and I don't even know what else.
I would bet CJDave can give us the lowdown./wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

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There were three cars used in the movie.
Two were 1950 Mercurys and one was a 1951 Mercury.
They were built in southern California in Little John Buterra's (spelling) shop.

There was a 4th 1950 car, supposed to be used as advertisement for the move, but Sly got it in a contract dispute for personal use as part of his pay.
(Must be nice! Throw a tantrum- Get a car!)

The engines were 355 CID small blocks, built by Blower Drive Service in Wittier CA., 2 were supercharged with B&M's high energy blowers, and two were NOS Cheater injected. One of the stunt ones was a manual transmission, and the other three were automatics.

Sly got one, 3 were destroyed during filming, and one was rebuilt by a guy named Dave Gerino (spelling) who lives up around the north side of the bay somewhere, if I remember correctly. It does the indoor show car circuit on the west cost.

Is this what you wanted to know?

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