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OEM style seats for CJ

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Has anybody had problems with the BestTop, SteelHorse or Leon Rosser seats? What's your opinion? I'm ready to buy some
new seats and need your input.

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/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif Jeepchick selected the Rosser seats for SNOJEEP, and did not get the high back. They seem to be quite nice. We have only had them in the Jeep for "fit up" purposes together with the new center console, but I like the way the bottom cushion wraps up on each side. We did scoot them inboard about an inch per seat and crowd the console, however, to get away from squeaks between the seat back and the roll bar covers. We basically copied the entire interior dimensionally from our '97 Grand Cherokee. The position of the new floor shifter (B&M) for the automatic, as relates to the steering wheel; the position of the console, both front to back and height as relates to the seats, and the seats to the steering wheel. We were really pleased with the new interior layout. Our console sits on a riser which has a floor heater in it. We added little tabs to the seat brackets to get the seats to scoot inboard on the driver's side, and cut the floor brackets on the RH side and rewelded to get the desired side-shift. THIS is why our Jeep is still apart. We can't just buy seats; ....oh HECK has to be a big production....SHEESH! This whole project has been like this. Are we Jeep-crazy or what?/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

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I REALLY like my Steelhorse but they are not OEM style. They are the Super Seat and real
comfortable and I'm WAY over 200lb. I'd have had Flo-fits if they could have ever gotten me a set
that matched the swatch they sent me, I almost as happy with the Steelhorse. I just wish I could buy
some in leather.

I'm riding on a new high back bestop seat, the trailmax sport, cost $119.00 plus shipping I think. Great seat, well made, as waterproof as possible, heavy, comfortable. It has seat bolster and lumbar support. Nice seat. It fit right in my CJ5 (74) with only minor drilling to the seat bracket. It should fit a 76 and up CJ without any mods at all.

Best of all, the color will be an exact match to every other bestop product out there.

Carl, Tampa, FL, 74 CJ-5
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I bought my jeep with some aftermarket seats. After much discussion and research I believe they are Steel Horse. I have heard very few good things about steel horse seats but mine are okay. Holding up well waterproof had one small tear when I got it and its still a small tear. Just my 2 cents

I picked up seats from a Chrysler Lebaron convertible out of a junk yard for $75.00 and made my own brackets to mount them ...But my jeep is a P.O.S. as my daughter calls it ,nothing matches but most of my money is spent to make it mechanically sound ....the exterior is just keep the thieves away...people always ask me if I am going to paint it and I just stare at them like they have a booger hanging from their nose..... LOL...It's still cheaper than making payments every month.

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I have the Rosser seats. They are comfortable and very well priced.

1979 CJ-7 401 T18
I have Honda Civic seats. They were cheap an waaaaay comfortable. Wet okole also makes covers for them so when i have money, they go in. I like the bestop seats, but they were more expensive. I have never sat in a Steel Horse seat but because all of their other stuff is crap, the seats can't be that much better.

Thanks for the help. I had rosser seats in CJ a few years ago and they were OK except they seemed like you sat alot
higher than stock seats and they were a little on the firm side.

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