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OBA Parts Suppliers

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After looking at the local hardware stores, I realized the pices and parts needed to complete my OBA setup are not readily availible. I need the smallest parts like a check valve, pressure switch, etc. Been to Harbor Freight, I want to check out a few other sources than Kilby Enterprises who are great, but I would like some place relatively local to run in/out of. Unfortunately TeamRush is no longer avilible
to buy his goods, which I am sure I would not need to return.

So, the question is, what othe type of stores should I look for this stuff, and does anyone know of a good place in the east/south Bay area CA?

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I realize that even chain stores carry differnt stuff from place to place. and I also realize that a lot of people don't like the big chain stores like home depo because of the fact that they drive so many smaller places out. But all of that being said.
My local Home Depo carries just about any and every air related fitting you could ever need. Any time I do anything with air lines, it is a one stop shop for me. If you do not have a local Home Depo, I am sure you could order the stuff on line.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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