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OBA Parts Suppliers

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After looking at the local hardware stores, I realized the pices and parts needed to complete my OBA setup are not readily availible. I need the smallest parts like a check valve, pressure switch, etc. Been to Harbor Freight, I want to check out a few other sources than Kilby Enterprises who are great, but I would like some place relatively local to run in/out of. Unfortunately TeamRush is no longer avilible
to buy his goods, which I am sure I would not need to return.

So, the question is, what othe type of stores should I look for this stuff, and does anyone know of a good place in the east/south Bay area CA?

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Do you have an interstate welding by you? I know they are in MI and i think WI, maybe nation wide. They are a welding supply but also carry a lot of tools, compressors and what not and if they don't have it in stock could probably get what you need.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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