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O/T New Jeep related toy

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I got this today from Lowe's with my stack of gift cards I've collected in the last year...woohoo.

Along with it a $100 gift card to Harbor freight got me a chop saw and a 13 ton hydraulic pipe bender so now I'm set for some rediculous fabrication. Now all I need is a CO2 bottle and I'm set. My neighbors in base housing will love the noise and sparks since I no longer have a workshop!!
They already bitched about what little welding I did with my stick welder...wait until I build my cart to hold the welder...and my cage...and some shelves...and the track bar...and...
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caught that with the 3-0 post...making me think the Hammers might be for someone other than active duty military that cant afford to replace stuff...might have to make the, I mean, my wife, go back to work to support my Jeep, LOLOLOLOLOL.
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