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Hi all
i live in denmark and are thinking og getting a pickup truck and a trailer with a 5 wheel hitch.
we dont have these setups so to investigate if it is possible to import, then i would appreciate all info about 5 wheel hitches and your driverslicence regulations.
the trailer would be app.30 feet long.and would be for working only.

thanks alot


My father and I both have the Valley Industries Husky 16k hitch, with the above bed rails (though I kinda wish I had the under-bed rails so the bed of the truck would still be flat with the hitch removed.) The weight limit for this hitch is 16,000 pounds (7300 kg.) It has pivots both front to rear and side to side, making it easier to hook up on uneven ground. We paid about $550 for each hitch set. After comparing hitches, this one seemed to be the best built for the money. Cheaper hitches are made that don't pivot side to side, but they ride rougher and most aren't easily removable.

We've both towed a '32 foot 12,000 pound (5500 kg) RV trailer (triple slide) with my 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 HD (5.9L 6 cyl. High Output Cummins diesel, 6 speed) and his 1994 Dodge Ram 3500 HD (5.9L 6 cyl. Cummins diesel, 5 speed.) Trailer towed without any problems, both trucks pulled it well.

We both have the normal "Class C" drivers licenses. If we wanted to double tow (tow a small trailer behind the fifth wheel) in California, we'd have to get a "Class A (Commercial)" drivers license with a doubles endorsement.

For work use (utility use) in the U.S., we normally use a gooseneck style trailer, with a ball in the bed mounted over the axle. Gooseneck hitches are much less expensive, but require safety chains which the fifth wheel doesn't.

Both styles of trailers require a good electric brake controller as well.
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