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This reminds me of the time I convinced an Autozone employee that you could install piston return springs in an engine and get a 30% increase in power. While I was rebuilding a chevy 350 a few years ago I went down to a local Autozone to get new push rods. I go up to the parts counter and this young kid,maybe 20 years old, asked me if he could help. I tell him I need some new push rods for a chevy 350. He starts pulling up diagrams of an engine on his computer. He then asks me if the push rods are in the top end or bottom end of the motor. Well right then I could tell that the old piston return spring mod. was something he needed to know about. I start talking to him about what all I'm doing to the engine I'm building and then I ask him if they had any of the new high performance piston return springs in stock. He says, I'm not sure so he starts searching through the computer. He tells me that they don't carry them. I tell him, never mind, I'll order them through Hot Rod magazine. He then ask what their used for. I tell him that they are the newest mod out on the market for increasing power. I go on to explain how you have to take your oil pan off and have a special bracket welded in that the bottom end of the springs attach to and then you attach the top end of the spring to the wrist pin so that the spring helps pull the piston down quicker after it fires which increased the power by up to 30%. He says, cool, do they make any that fit a Honda civic. I tell him that the kit is universal and that it should fit but recommended that he really wants a big increase that he should buy a kit for a V8 so he would have enough springs to put two on each piston. He says he's going to check into it. I leave the store at this time thinking, how do stay in business with kids not knowing anything working the parts counter.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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